For those who have built a home or thought about building a home, it starts with a dream. Perhaps you have worked hard all your life with the idea that one day, you would retire in your dream home. Maybe you envision a place where you will raise a family. It could be as simple as establishing a long term investment. Whatever the reason, for most people this dream will be one of the biggest decisions they will ever make. Why not make that decision with the full confidence that such a choice warrants.  Streitberger Home Design was started with that thought in mind.


The design process should be one in which your designer works with you to create your dream home. Not one in which his/her ideas are pushed onto you until you don't even recognize the idea you started with. This partnership sits at the core of what makes Streitberger Home Design successful.

Scott opened Streitberger Home Design in 1998. Since then he has designed hundreds of custom homes, remodels and small commercial projects. He has partnered on over 20 Street of Dreams homes and in his spare time enjoys bringing historic homes back to their original grandeur.

Scott Streitberger



Streitberger Home Design